CSAs are great. But unless you live in a commune, it’s hard to consume 5lbs of green beans in a week, especially if you live by yourself, or with only 1-2 other people. Enter restaurant Namu‘s take on farm-to-table produce boxes. They’ve paired down the amount of produce a member receives and have added ready-to-cook proteins. Genius.

The folks at Namu “have improved the CSA model and included a scaled down option. . .with more variety and added a Namu element: we will have weekly ready-to-cook proteins like marinated chicken wings, korean style short ribs and miso marinated fish for people to purchase along with jars of Namu hot sauce, kimchee or pickles.”

The boxes are available for pick-up during brunch from 10am-3p to people who pre-order by midnight on the Friday before for a $15/light box or a $25/bountiful size box! Boxes will be available for “walk ins” for an additional $3/box, until supplies last. All produce is hand picked by Namu Chef Dennis Lee.

To get an idea of what a typical box would look like, the Sunday 1/16 box will include:

Fingerling potato, “spring” onions, wild arugula, mustard greens, brussel sprouts, artichokes, sunchokes, green cabbage, radishes/turnips, fennel & pickled shallots from last spring!

To pre-order email [email protected]