Eric Andrew Kuhn and Robin Joyce Landy, the duo behind Silian Rail, grew up together in Durham, North Carolina (cute alert!) and then happened upon one another while partying in this fair city (fate alert!). What this joyous union created is a mixture of experimental indie, post-rock, free form, free jazz, “Freebird,” and freaking awesome.

This is no ordinary guitar-and-drum dream team. Landy plays as if she has 15 fingers on her right hand that aid in her intrepid picking technique. Pair that with multiple tunings and an unusual rhythmic sensibility, and we have before us one of the most innovative guitarists in the Bay Area.

Kuhn plays in 15 bands, one for every finger on the right hand I imagine Robin to have. But as the drummer for Silian Rail, his beats are sick. They are solid, brazen, and insanely inventive, adding just the right amount of filler between Landy’s notes. And to keep things interesting, he also plays the glockenspiel, the foot organ, and the guitar — all while keeping a beat on the full kit.

Silian Rail is an absolute pleasure to see live. You will leave the show with ringing ears, glazed eyes, the desire to start a new band, and a copy of their latest release Parhelion (Parks and Records) clenched in your sweaty palms.

They play an all-ages show this Friday at Bottom of the Hill providing main support for indie giants The Velvet Teen. Doors are at 8:30pm and tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Have a listen to a track from Parhelion to get ‘er warmed up:


Silian Rail “Death Should Know Better”

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