It’s hard to catch a cab in SF and when you do finally hale one down (or, most likely, you called the dispatcher – who’s rude – and the cab doesn’t even bother showing up), it’s pricey. And now fare prices are about to increase. Ouch. The $1.50 fare on Muni is looking better and better.

SF Appeal reports that, “The SFMTA agreed to formally consider the possibility of raising the meter rate for San Francisco taxis. The rate of $2.25 a mile and 45 cents per minute in traffic has not changed since 2003. Eight years later, gas prices, living expenses, and cab-rental costs have all risen, and cab drivers testified to the board that they are struggling to make a living now.”

Well, when you put it that way…it looks like maybe they deserve a raise. But, still, it’s so darn expensive to get around in a cab in this city.

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