You know that guy on your street that takes his nasty, bedbug-ridden mattress and brokedown furniture and old pizza boxes and just dumps them all over the sidewalk? Yeah – him and others who illegally dump are costing the city and taxpayers over $4 million a year. They can be fined up to $1000 if caught and now you can make some cash if you turn them in.

According to the SF Public Press, “Public Works is offering rewards for residents to turn in people who dump items illegally. A reward is being offered to find whoever dumped toxic roofing materials and shingles in the Bayview neighborhood in the past three months.”

And if you’re worried about the costs of hauling your junk, the article points out that Recology Sunset Scavenger Services gives your two freebies a year; you can make an appointment for them to haul in up to 10 of your items – for FREE.

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Photo credit: The Department of Public Works