Baths (Anticon) coming to Rickshaw Stop in March

You are lost in an endless field of grass at night. You find yourself mysteriously drawn towards a nearby barn for refuge. As you slide through a gap in the large red doors you’re greeted by various farm animals. You realize these are no ordinary animals, they are all made of wood. They have gears for organs, leavers for legs and paper for skin. As you examine them in wonder, they begin to look away, towards the stacked hay bails at the other end of the barn. You notice that at the very top a young farmer begins conducting each of them as an instrument. The space comes alive…


“Hall” by Baths

Explore the enigmatic (and sometimes funky) tunes from LA’s Baths (Anticon) Live at Rickshaw Stop on Friday March 4th, 2011.

Listen: Baths on Myspace:

Watch: “Lovely Bloodflow”:

“I think that within the realm of electronic music, where freedom and experimentation are so crucial to the art, it’s like you almost can’t help but be yourself. Your source material is limitless, so you are kind of forced to find yourself in that endless void of possibilities.”

– Will Wiesenfeld (Baths) from

Follow up with Will’s side project Geotic, he’s offering up ALL of his tracks for FREE here:

* thanks to Stephanie for the tip

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