Pulse wasn’t around when Tristen first released “Baby Drugs” on the Eager For Your Love 7” at the tail end of 2010, but we have no qualms about playing a little catch-up and streaming it now. This song is that good, and she’s coming to SF.

We’re looking forward to hearing much more from this Nashville-based singer-songwriter (by way of suburban Chicago) in 2011.

What we can expect:

-A new album, Charlatans at the Garden Gate, on January 21st

-Swooning press at SXSW

-An intimate show February 2nd at Rickshaw Stop

Random Unconfirmed Fact From the Band:

Tristen is the 87th most popular baby name in the United States, and has been consistently among the top 1,000 names given to baby boys since 1971.


Tristen “Baby Drugs”