It’s almost New Year’s Eve and do you know who’s putting together your playlist? All is quiet in the house, not a soul, not a floozy, and unless you get some bumping tracks well, this could be a dozy. Don’t fret, don’t worry, because SF Station has your tracks, so just sit back and relax, and press play. Say it once, say it twice — from Snoop Dogg to The Whitest Boy Alive, to Lupe Fiasco — we keep it nice.

Download: Snoop Dogg ft. KI – New Year’s Eve (Radio Remix)


Snoop D.O. Double G is back in it this New Year’s Eve!

Download: Far East Movement – G6 (50 Cent Remix)

[audio: /files/2010/12/Far_East_Movement_feat_50_Cent_-_Like_-A_G6.mp3]

2010’s hottest dance track made just a lil’ bit hotter by 50 Cent. Probably the best remix of this track out of the 5,000 done.

Download: The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

[audio: /files/2010/12/Whitest-Boy-Alive-Golden-Cage-Fred-Falke-Remix.mp3]

Every now and then it’s good to put in an obscure, but catchy track so everyone in the party is like, “Damn man, you know your stuff!” Fred Falke is a fantastic French DJ, and Whitest Boy Alive (Erylend Oye of Kings of Convenience) is a great band — what more can I say?

Download: Amadou & Miriam: “Sabali” (Miike Snow Remix)

[audio: /files/2010/12/amadou-and-mariam-sabali-miike-snow-remix.mp3]

Miike Snow was one of 2010’s best new additions, but playing his hit “Animal” is a little dated. Their remix of the Amadou & Miriam’s “Sabali” is maybe even better than “Animal.” For those that don’t know the African group just tell them the couple performed during the opening ceremonies of the World Cup in Johannesburg and Damian Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) produced the track. That should quiet the doubters.

Download: Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On

[audio: /files/2010/12/Lupe-Fiasco-The-Show-Goes-On.mp3]

Before everyone has passed out or moved to private rooms, press play on this track, and sing as loud as you can “Alright, already, the show goes on! All night till the morning we drink till dawn!” and whether or not anyone sings along, at least you did your part (Note: if this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Lupe did a real good job “borrowing” Modest Mouse’s song “Float On”).