Assemblywoman Fiona Ma us trying to pass a bill that outlaws raves in CA. That’s right – no more glow sticks, no more 18-year olds covered in glitter with candy bracelets piled up to their elbows, and no more sunrises full of thumping, brain-numbing music. Hm…maybe this could be a good thing after all?

The Snitch gives us the lowdown:

“The San Francisco politico’s Anti-Raves Act of 2011 would forbid any “public event at night that includes prerecorded music and lasts more than three and one-half hours.” Events held at bars, clubs, and other licensed entertainment venues are excepted, and Ma says the law isn’t intended to affect “traditional music concerts.”

Not coincidentally, Ma represents Daly City, home of the Cow Palace — which hosted the headline-grabbing Pop the Dream rave that left two event-goers dead of drug overdoses (and roughly 16,998 not dead).”

On her site, she writes that, “Raves in California are notoriously associated with the use of the drug commonly known as Ecstasy. Many of the attendees are minors and the events have led to extensive pressure on law enforcement and emergency medical responders.”

The bill would start making its way through the legislature early next year.

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