Honey Buzz

It’s sick season and I’ve been using more honey than I’ve had all year to tend to my colds. I’ve already gone through an entire bottle. But if you’re looking for nuance and taste rather than mere utilitarianism then perhaps you should take a gander at Marshall’s Farm Honey.

Tastemakers Thomas Keller and Alice Waters swear by the apiary, located in American Canyon, as do many other restaurateurs. Marshall’s Farm Honey is raw, 100% pure, unheated, uncooked, unfiltered, natural, organic, and certified kosher. They even sell an Allergy Relief for the City of San Francisco & the Greater Bay Area” pack ($46) full of “4 Very Local Honeys that will help you find relief from the symptoms of pollen allergies in the greater San Francisco Bay Area & Mid-California all year round.” Awesome.

Lee Klein at the New Times Miami, has more on the quirky Northern California farm, right here.

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