Four brave souls decided to take one for the team and taste test the new Four Loko formula, which had the caffeine removed from the recipe. The result? All the drunkenness of the original but with the additional chance of developing Type II diabetes from the whopping amount of sugar and, of course, none of the jangly caffeine-induced impulses.

The testers managed to get up a post on The Uptown Almanac through their hungover haze. They shared their results:

“Well, it’s still 12% alcohol sugar-water, so even though I was ‘way gone’ by the end of the evening, the taste was much worse than the original. None of us could quite put our finger on it, but the words “acid” and “blood urine” were thrown out there at one point.”

Mmmmmm, delicious.

For all the gruesome details, go here.