One is brewing racial controversy and the other is brewing laughs. And both are about food. Eater posted a piece on a commercial about a new Duncan Hines product, Amazing Glazes, staring beatboxing cupcakes in black face dubbed “Hip Hop Cupcakes!”. The other video stars three dudes “roaming the streets of Seoul dressed up in a kimbap [korean sushi rolls] costumes while rapping about their love of kimbap”. We’ll let you decide which gets more chuckles.

It can be assumed that both videos were intended to be lighthearted, but the cupcake commercial may have fell off the mark. Personally, I didn’t think it was that big a deal (they are cupcakes) but I believe where they went wrong was calling them “Hip Hop Cupcakes”. Would it have been better if it was a white glaze instead? Nonetheless, there are a bunch of people who were offended. What do you think?

The other hip hop video stars three enthusiastic guys extolling the virtues of kimbap while dressed like the tasty rolls. Thankfully, they are actually Korean, even though they do look pretty ridiculous, if not delicious.

[via Eater and Serious Eats]