Well…the best cookbooks of 2010. Trying to figure out what to get that chef-wannabe in your life? Well, this list from the New York Times should help you out. You can choose from pretentious titles like “A Platter of Figs” by David Tanis or the straightforward, “Street Food of India” by Sephi Bergerson. Either way, hopefully the giftee actually makes you something delicious!

However, it’s too bad they didn’t just give you a simple, bulleted list of their top picks. Seriously – who has the time to read through a two page article these days; surely no one operating on New York time? The article though, does have a nifty “Digital and Giftable” section at the end. The best nugget of info I culled from the article was this:

“The “Martha Stewart Makes Cookies” app for the iPad, with a timer, shopping links and videos, is the kind of content that lets the tablet shine. It’s festive and wondrous, like “The Nutcracker” for cooks, and only $4.99.”

Now – that is very helpful. Out of all the many sites I have used for cookie recipes, Martha Stewart’s, without a doubt, always has the best ones.

Image credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times