There are soap box derbies and then there’s the Bus Stop Derby. Now through Jan 26th, Yahoo! (you know, that company that used to do pretty well until Google came along) has created an “integrated marketing campaign that challenges locals to play LCD touch-screen games at 20 high-traffic Muni shelters scattered around the city.” The winning neighborhood has a block party with OK Go!

The Games:

1. “Incoming!” is a race to sort color-coded mail as it slides down chutes

2. “Chatter Scatter” players text against time

3. “Sport-a-pult” is trivia-meets-target practice

4. “Snap Happy” is a 3-D puzzle

Where to play. Does this still make no sense to you? Go here for more info.

So, far the Tenderloin is winning. Does it count as cheating if you actually live in the shelter and get uninterrupted playing time?

Whatever the case, may the best neighborhood win!