101 Intro to Ableton Live -- All are Welcome! Bring Questions or Just Show Up.

Event has passed (Sun Jul 1, 2018 - Sun Jul 1, 2018)
Class / Workshop, Music


This class is meant to give each participant a decent introduction to Ableton Live. Class takes place in the main room at Noisebridge. This is a 101 class, so no previous experience is necessary. Intended audience is anyone interested in using their computer for making music. You are also welcome to use our Ableton computer, NAW, at any time! It includes an extensive catalog of audio and visual tools, including donated, fully licensed copies of Bitwig Studio and Max/MSP! Be excellent to each other in sharing the machine. :) -Link- https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Naw

Bring your own computer with Ableton Live installed, or download the 30-day trial copy at:

If you are interested in receiving a Non-profit discount for Ableton Live as part of the class, we will be happy to assist you!

Discussion is encouraged @ https://llllllll.co/t/noisebridge-naw/13891
or you can also email our general Discussion Mailing List.

Class is always free to attend, but donation greatly appreciated to improve tools and equipment we have available for you every day at Noisebridge. You can donate at:

We are looking for instructors + anyone who would like to help teach. So come to the class and talk to us about it.


  1. Noisebridge 2169 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA