Zip, Sammy Dee & Markus Nikolai (Perlon)

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Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman, co-founder of the label Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme.

Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman, co-founder of the label Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme. He has an illustrious musical history which began in 1986 as singer in the band Second Voice. In 1992 he moved to Frankfurt and joined the EBM band Bigod 20. After several releases the band split. In 1996 he got together with Markus Nikolai and Chris Rehberger to form the audio-visual project Pile. In 1997 he and Nikolai founded the Perlon label, on which he has released under the pseudonyms Dimbiman, Pantytec (with Sammy Dee) and Narcotic Syntax (with James Dean Brown). In 1999 the SuPERLONgevity compilation was released, featuring 'Bushes', a track that has since garnered chart-topping remixes from the likes of Derrick Carter and Fatboy Slim.

Franzmann also recorded with Peter "Baby" Ford and has appeared on Ford's label PAL SL. He is a regular guest DJ in clubs around the world and holds residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin). He participates in the Narod Niki project, occasional collective laptop live jams initiated by Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. He has released tracks and remixes on Perlon, Playhouse, Force Inc, Novamute and others.

Sammy Dee (Perlon, Germany)

SAMMY DEE (Ultrastretch, Perlon, Pokerflat, Hello? Repeat!, Kanzleramt)

With a career in electronic music spanning now two decades, Sammy Dee has built and solidified a reputation for himself as an innovator of eclectic, off kilter sounds. He began to DJ in Kassel in the late eighties, soon after which he moved back to his hometown of Berlin, hosting residencies at such clubs as Tresor/Globus and Ostgut. A particular night, which made Ostgut's Panorama bar famous, and which still continues to a packed house, is "...get perlonized." Arguably, one of the most consistently successful club nights in Europe. Organized together with Pantytec production partner and Perlon label co founder Zip, they put together a showcase for the unique sounds of Perlon that would unknowingly influence many worldwide. Complementing Sammy's unique blend of stripped down house and techno sets have always proved to be one of the foundations of the night. When Sammy is on the decks there is no doubt that he is recognized as one of the key veterans and icons of the electronic music scene. Currently on the production side, a new solo project is crystallizing. A departure from his co-productions, you will just have to keep your ears tuned...

Markus Nikolai (Live, Perlon)

Markus Nikolai is a German electronic music producer, deejay and performer, co-founder of labels Perlon and More Down Than Out.

Born in Frankfurt, Markus learned several musical instruments from his grandfather, a conductor – incl. piano, guitar, drums, percussions and, most prominently, accordion. In 1983, Nikolai gave up this instrument and found his first EBM/industrial band Whetzon Churchill. The group performed regularly in Frankfurt area, and played a concert at a small venue No Name, where a legendary weekly Techno Club party was held. Nikolai also started DJ'ing in 1986-87.

In 1992, Thomas Franzmann (mostly known as Zip) joined one of Markus' bands Bigod 20 (which also included Front 242 vocalist Jean-Luc De Meyer), and their collaboration ends up being of the most resourceful and symbiotic for the artist. In the mid-nineties, along with graphic artist Chris Rehberger, the trio founded audio-visual project Pile, an experiment in melding music, graphic design, philosophy, film and architecture. In 1997, they released Modern album on Sony/Epic and 2 years later the group toured in Europe as part of Daimler Chrysler futuristic art exhibition Lab 0.1. Later that year, Markus and Zip launched their own label, Perlon.

Markus also contributes to countless other projects, including Florida (14) with Thomas Brinkmann, Darren (8) with Chris Rehberger, Pico Rocco with Max Loderbauer from Sun Electric. He also started the band Morane with acoustic musician Theo Krieger and Annika Müller de Vries. From 1998 through 2000, Markus hosted the Peak Club on Sundays in Frankfurt.


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