Yukiko Neibert Floral Design Studio

46 Berens Drive, Kentfield, CA
+1 415.456.6763
Yukiko Neibert Floral Design Studio Website
Event Planning, Arts, Artist, Shopping, Florist


To send flowers to Marin, call me in Kentfield, 415-456-6763 for distinctive design & free delivery.
I create original floral designs, blending Ikebana with contemporary styles -- custom to the order of clients in Marin and San Francisco.

Special delivery via the Golden Gate Bridge to Seacliff, Marina and Pacific Heights.

Call me to create a custom design for you, or order selected bouquets from my ONLINE Store,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week: http://marinflowers.neibert.com .

Credit cards & PayPal accepted.