Yoga for Tantra

Event has passed (Tue Mar 20, 2018 - Tue Mar 20, 2018)
The Nexus Center
07:00 AM
Sports / Fitness
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Yoga for Tantra
~Presented by Ritual Tantra~
Did you know that yoga is a cornerstone of sexual Tantra and amazing lovemaking?
Are you excited to practice yoga as a path toward self-knowledge and realization?
Are you ready for a practice that is energetic and slow so that you can deeply tune into your body?
Yoga for Tantra is a traditional practice of yoga, or "white tantra", which bring us into our bodies. We'll spend extended time in each pose to develop a relationship with it. Each pose functions as a form of sacred geometry which focuses the energy to flow through our bodies.  You'll connect with a direct experience of each of your chakras, move emotional and energetic blocks, and step more powerfully into your full vibrant self. If you are practicing Tantric lovemaking, this modality of yoga is an essential component of the practice.
With Matt Sturm - co-founder of both Ritual Tantra and SexCrafting, bringing conscious lovemaking and intimacy through loving community. 
“Breathe, and all will be revealed. Love, and all will be healed. This is yoga.”~Seane Corn


  1. The Nexus Center 1436 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA