Werewolves Across America

Tue Mar 26, 2013
Roxie Theater
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What happens when you decide to opt out of the American Dream? Werewolves Across America, a portrait of modern youth culture, stars nomadic folk icon Viking Moses as he guides us through the world of the American "DIY" music scene. We meet a variety of characters, including a young Lutheran priest, a Manhattan real estate agent and an ex-drug addict from Florida. All have chosen to reject the American Dream in search of something else¬óbut what are they seeking and at what cost? While exploring the rich but often ignored underground music scene, the film asks what it is like to live on the fringes of society in modern America. Featuring apearances & music by from Deer Tick, The Shivers and Phosphorescent.

James Hall and Edward Lovelace, 2010, UK, DigiBeta, Rated: R, Runtime: 120 mins.


  1. Roxie Theater
    3117 16th St, San Francisco, CA