VR Product Night: Social Change

Event has passed (Tue Feb 13, 2018 - Tue Feb 13, 2018)
Starfish Mission
05:30 PM
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This week's theme: Social Change
Itching to try the latest and greatest experiences in the VR and AR worlds? Come on down to try out some of the most exciting applications promoting social change in Virtual and Augmented Reality. 
We are in a social crisis. At a time where so many of us lack empathy for our fellow humans, let's come together and see how VR can make a change.
Have a social change project you would like to demo? Let us know.
Products and speakers: TBD

About Product Night:
Upload’s Product Night is a weekly event dedicated to trying out recent releases, both virtual and augmented, and bring together the community around emerging technology. Our mission is to expose as many people to VR, AR, and other exciting technologies as possible. This is an opportunity to try out the latest VR and AR experiences. It is also an opportunity for devs and designers to user test their products.
This event is for both veterans in the space and newcomers. If you’re interested in trying out the latest VR and AR experiences, in addition to other cutting-edge technologies, this event is for you. Have a new VR project you’d like to user test? This is the place for that too.
Here’s a tip: the best way to learn more about VR and AR is to play with VR and AR!
Come one, come all!

About Upload:
Upload is a co-working space dedicated to emerging technologies. We believe in people. Bringing together passionate groups leads to thoughtful ideas; from thoughtful ideas grow amazing projects. We’re here to support our tribe, and welcome everyone to join!
We are also an educational organization offering VR/AR development and design workshops. 
We offer weekend workshops and a longer form VR development and design course, ideal for those aspiring to break into the industry. You need the tools and resources? Come try them out.
Check out upload.io for more information.
Email [email protected] with any questions.


  1. Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Steret, San Francisco, CA