VR Lightning Lesson: Polish Your Project Like A Pro

Event has passed (Thu Feb 1, 2018 - Thu Feb 1, 2018)
Starfish Mission
06:00 PM
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This Lightning Learn will cover how to use special effects to polish your VR project. We will walk you through how to build your own VR world with the Unity game engine, and then polish it up "like a pro" so you can build out a VR dreamscape on your own.
Interested in learning how to build VR? Here’s a secret: it’s not that difficult! Come on over so we can prove it to you.

What you will need:
A curiosity or passion for emerging technologies and curiosity of Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Your laptop with the latest version of Unity downloaded. 

About Lightening Lessons:
The Lightning Learns are a free workshop series (free for a limited time!) to introduce people to building their VR worlds using Unity. Our mission is to teach as many people how to build VR as possible. We’re here to give you the tools and resources you need to accelerate your learning.
This series of Lightning Lessons will introduce you to a ton of different areas of VR design and development, with the goal of introducing you to Unity, the latest VR experiences exemplifying the lessons’ themes, and a clearer idea of how to get into the industry.
And by the way, feeling the fire to learn and ambition to build each week? Keep on coming! You will leave with your own VR-Ready project by the end.

About Upload:
Upload is a co-working space dedicated to emerging technologies. We believe in people. Bringing together passionate groups leads to thoughtful ideas; from thoughtful ideas grow amazing projects. We’re here to support our tribe, and welcome everyone to join!
We are also an educational organization offering VR/AR development and design workshops.
We offer weekend workshops and a longer form VR development and design course, ideal for those aspiring to break into the industry. You need the tools and resources? Come try them out.
Check out upload.io for more information.
Email [email protected] with any questions.


  1. Starfish Mission 1535 Mission Steret, San Francisco, CA