VERONICA FALLS Brilliant Colors, Golden Grrrls

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With their debut album, Veronica Falls crafted a brilliantly concise, superbly concentrated hit of spiky, marvelously contagious indie pop with a twist.
Now, with their second Slumberland release, Waiting For Something to Happen, the band emerges as one of the most potent and affecting, fully-formed indie guitar pop acts we have around. Beautifully mature and poignant, this marvellously assured second record sees the band throw off the casually morbid references to elegantly distill the essence of an aimless twentysomething existence – the collective anxieties, tension and confusion of moving from adolescence into fully fledged adulthood – into a set of immaculately conceived, perfectly wrought pop songs.

"Last year's self-titled debut from Veronica Falls introduced the London-based four-piece as possessing an ear for C86 jangle, Slumberland-sweet melodies, and a dash of Morrissey macabre. There were love songs about ghosts, love songs about throwing yourself off a cliff, and a rather straightforward statement of purpose simply titled "Misery." Judging by this first single, though, it sounds like there might be a little more sunshine in the forecast for Veronica Falls' sophomore album, Waiting For Something To Happen, out February 12 on Slumberland." --Pitchfork

Brilliant Colors

"Brilliant Colors formed in 2007, but the all-female trio sounds like it could've been birthed in 1977 or 1987. On the threesome's debut LP, Introducing (released last year on local label Slumberland), the band re-creates the speedy tempos, buzzsaw guitars, and yelping vocals of such earlier grrl-fronted postpunk acts as Kleenex and the Shop Assistants. Such music seems like it'd be easy to make — turn the volume up to 11, set a steady beat, yell — but only when someone like Brilliant Colors does it really well does it become clear how difficult it is. There's a necessary tunefulness buried beneath the fuzz and clamor of Introducing, as well as a no-bullshit attitude that's highly engaging." --SF Weekly

Golden Grrrls

Glasgow-based indie-pop rockers Golden Grrrls will release their debut self-titled LP on Slumberland Records February 26th. What began as bedroom guitar experimentation soon bloomed into a fully-formed pop language inspired by the 80s New Zealand and Australian indie pop scenes, DIY punk and Glasgow's own rich pop history (think The Vaselines, The Pastels). Drummer Eilidh Rodgers' inventive, loose-cannon drumming and lead vocals have framed MacLean's baritone from the beginning, with newest member Rachel Aggs (also of Trash Kit) bringing an effortless melodic sensibility on guitar and backing vocals. Like contemporaries Twerps and Sea Lions, they've joined a storied lineage of pop essentialists such as The Clean, The Bats and The Feelies -- bands who eschew complexity for concision and never sacrifice melody to mere primitivism. Each chord, beat and vocal line is perfectly placed, essential and simply has to exist as it is in its moment in time.


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