Using Neuroscience to Create Memorable Content, Build Trust, Boost Revenue, by L'Oreal's Head of Digital Education

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06:00 PM
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The human attention span is now less than 7 seconds. 
Customers forget 90% of what you share within two days.
70% of content created never gets seen or shared.
B2B has a $50 billion content marketing problem.

As social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn keep changing their algorithms and charging more for exposure, savvy marketers and brand builders will need to master more effective storytelling techniques to defeat the algorithms, break through the noise, and create content that is both memorable and drives action. 
During this bootcamp, which is based on 15,000 hours of research into the neuroscience of memorable content - how the brain processes information and chooses what to remember and what to forget -  and the psychology of engagement on social media - what makes  people share your stories or act on them - we’ll deliver practicial advice for developing an unbeatable storytelling strategy, including numerous hacks and counter-intuitive growth and engagement tips, lessons you can apply to just about any business objective, from launching a startup, to increasing downloads of your app, to converting customers over from the competition, to monetizing your social media presence, to fundraising through crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. 
If you've struggled to create engaging content at scale or are grappling with dipping engagement on your social media channels or blog, join us for this workshop. What You’ll Learn:

Develop the skills to get millions of free media impressions without buying ads, attract influencers organically, increase audience engagement, conversations, and loyalty, while monetizing your presence.
Master visual and text-based storytelling and real-time tools such as livestreaming, to acquire new readers and customers, discover and test new product ideas, win customers away from the competition, and boost brand perception.
Build your personal brand and establish credibility with influencers, including members of the media, VCs, policy makers, and prospective employees and clients.
Proven storytelling tactics to increase customer loyalty, recruit talent, land your next big promotion, drive immediate action on a campaign, and make a social impact.
Boost your existing digital presence (across social media, email marketing, mobile channels) to drive traffic to your website or blog, increase app downloads, generate sales leads, and increase conversions.
Hacks such as targeting a competitor’s paid keywords to boost your own organic reach on social media platforms.

Note: This is an online event, and webinar link will be made available to participants who purchase tickets. You can join from anywhere in the world. If you need customzed guidance on how to improve your brand's storytelling, please email: [email protected]


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