Urban Sea Foraging with Kirk Lombard

Sat Nov 16, 2013
St. Francis Jetty
2pm - 4:30pm
Food Event, Food & Drink
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Champion monkeyface eeler, and star intertidal tour guide, Kirk Lombard leads an entertaining and educational low-tide fishing class along San Francisco's shoreline. Lombard will let you in on the tricks of the urban fishing trade, like catching rock crabs, throwing a Hawaiian casting net, poke poling for flavorful eels, and where to find the best mussel beds and edible sea weeds. This tour will last approximately two-and-a-half-hour tour, and will combine science, history and gastronomy.

It is important to note that this is a class/tour not a guided fishing/foraging trip. No one in the class is allowed to forage or fish while the class is in session.

The meet location is at the stone lighthouse on the St. Francis Jetty. The nearest physical address is 1 Yacht Rd., 94123. But the meet location is not at that address. It's at the lighthouse. To get there enter the St Francis parking area (Yacht Road off of Marina Blvd), and keep bearing to the right. Ignore the signs that say "No parking beyond this point." And to drive right up to the lighthouse to park. Kirk will meet you there.


  1. St. Francis Jetty
    1 Yacht Rd, San Francisco, CA