Unlock Your "Golden Handcuffs"

Event has passed (Tue Dec 4, 2018 - Tue Dec 4, 2018)
The Women's Building
07:00 PM
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“Golden handcuffs” often keep us in jobs where we’re unhappy but we stay in it for the money. You’re so well compensated… that you start to feel trapped. The financial benefits are just too large to justify leaving - maybe you’ll wait until the next bonus, or the next promotion, or the vesting cliff.

But what if it’s not actually about the money?

What if you’re not actually unhappy?

What if you really do need the money?

Without knowing the full story of (1) how dissatisfied you are and (2) how good the money is, you’ll never be able to unlock the golden handcuffs. You may think you’re in a golden handcuffs scenario but actually need the money to support your obligations and your values. You may find that you’re hyper-focused on the downsides of your job but with a few mindset adjustments, it’s actually a pretty good fit.

This workshop is for you if you’re:

Constantly assessing if you should leave before or after your next bonus

Afraid to take change jobs because you don’t know how you would pay for everything if you don’t have the money you make in your current job

Unclear about what you actually want in a job and whether it’s the right thing to quit (especially how to make the financial part work)

Uninspired, underutilized or undervalued at work and overwhelmed by thinking about make a change

Through a series of practical and structured exercises, Adam Koren (Financial Coach) and Lindsay Gordon (Career Coach) will help illuminate both sides of the discussion, money and job satisfaction, so you can make decisions that feel good to you. You’ll develop a more clear understanding of your job and your money situation to feel freedom and relief from your “golden handcuffs” job.

This workshop is designed to help you:

Assess your job satisfaction to understand what’s working and not working

Discover what’s important to you in life and see how your job aligns with your values

Assess your financial situation and your current runway so you can understand how much you need the financial benefits of your current job

Make career and financial decisions with clarity and confidence

The Plan:

Define "golden handcuffs"

Evaluate job fulfillment and values

Know Your Values: Discover your values by looking at motivations behind major decision points in your life

Career Assessment Wheel: Evaluate your level of satisfaction in 8 different areas of your career

Evaluate your financial situation

Identify action steps


  1. The Women's Building 3543 18th Street, San Francisco, CA