Universal White Time Healing Class Level 1

Event has passed (Sat Apr 26, 2014 - Sat Apr 26, 2014)
Jose Sanchez
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Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing is a hands-on healing modality brought to Humanity through highly advanced spiritual beings. Using this modality, you will be able to work with time in a very unique way: healing the past, preset and future simultaneously. You will be able to work with sickness in the past and work with it in the future and eliminate it along patient’s timeline, because white time frequency is capable to reach sickness in ways that normally other healing modalities won’t do. UWTH won’t interfere with anything karmic or lessons that need to be learnt.

UWTH holds all the tones, and all sacred geometry and full spectrum of light, and carries within itself the quality needed. All needed tunes and tones and colors will be used within the frequency of white time to heal any human condition. It is very suitable for healing physical, psychological, emotional daily problems and situations of life. UWTH can be taught to all people. Age does not matter, although a pupil should be at least 10 years of age or fully matured spiritually to take on the responsibilities of being a healer. It doesn’t matter what religious direction you have. The only thing is that your heart should be within it.

This class is a one day event. We start at 10am and end the class at 6pm. Please make sure you sign up at least a week in advance. In this level 1 you will receive new extra guides from the Universal White Time Force. You will still keep your own original guides. They will just be working together. Some Things you will learn in Level One:

You are given a basic understanding of Universal White Time Healing and you will be connected to this Force by initiations; how UWTH is different from other healing modalities,: hands-on-healing on others and on self; Distance healing on others and on self; very special shoulder healing where you heal an energy system in the body that is not yet discovered by man kind; to seal the energy in the body so it can work for a month; how to Balance the chakras; how to clean the aura; how to do Accident healing; how to heal food, animals and plants; how to heal Mother Earth; Light Touch Healing; White Time Healing as a Way of Life; Using powerful Healing Symbols; Information about The Golden Knights; What happens inside the healer? The Golden Movement, Part 1. And much more!


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