Unhidden and Thriving: Radical and Permanent Emotional Change

Event has passed (Sat Feb 23, 2019 - Sat Feb 23, 2019)
Emotional Resolution Center
9:30am to 6:00pm
Class / Workshop, Health & Wellness, Religion / Spiritual, Lecture / Discussion


In this class we will not focus on techniques or methods to empower you to better yourself. Instead we will allow you to see that self-improvement is not needed when you operate from your core potential.

We are in this life to fully enjoy the human experience, taking intentional action from our core.

But how can we operate from our core if we do not know who we are, if we do not like ourselves, if we are always pushing ourselves to improve, to be another, "better", version of ourselves?

The purpose of this course is to connect you to your own natural potential, which is uniformly exceptional. What stands between you and your core potential are your fears, insecurities, bad habits. When we consciously and honestly accept our difficulties, our weaknesses, our "bad habits", we release them, move past them, transcend them, and achieve our potential.

During our time together, you will pragmatically learn to:

- Recognize, take responsibility for, and resolve your emotional blockages and difficulties.
- Recognize your limiting beliefs and habits and concretely learn how to stop them and shift them into constructive actions that will lead you to a fearless life.

This course will create a radical and sustainable shift, without drama, tears, or fireworks.

Join us if you are committed to seeing clear and positive change in your life.

**This course is taught in 2 parts. Part 1 is a full-day course; the date for Part 2 (half-day) will be announced on the day of Part 1.




  1. Emotional Resolution Center

    494 29th Avenue #5, San Francisco, CA