Underwater Rugby Splash Course

Event has passed (Mon Feb 5, 2018 - Mon Feb 5, 2018)
Martin Luther King Jr Pool
07:45 PM
Sports / Fitness
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Underwater rugby is a contact team sport played in the diving well of a swimming pool. The goal is to place a ball into a basket at the bottom of the pool. The game demands a combination of good swimming skills, endurance, strength, spatial awareness and exceptional teamwork.
The sport is played at a wide range of levels, from social clubs, to high-level teams that participate at international events. The San Francisco Bay Area has a mixed team, aged 22-50, that plays twice a week and participates in the North American League.
This beginners program is for anyone who may be interested in learning how to play the sport and join our club. The cost of the program includes: six sessions of pool time, insurance, and equipment rental, as well as a certificate and a t-shirt! The course will be held on Monday evenings from 7:45 PM to 9:30 PM at MLK Pool in San Francisco.
Come if you enjoy swimming, are looking for a fun team sport, or if you are just a curious soul in search of adventure.
Eligibility RequirementsYou must be at least 18 years of age, or at least 16 years of age and accompanied to the pool by an adult. You must be able to swim 10 pool laps (250 yards) unassisted.
EquipmentPlayers wear a mask, snorkel and fins as well as their swimsuits. You will need to provide your own swimsuit and towel. All other equipment will be provided to you during the duration of the course, and at the end you will have the option to purchase it. You may use your own equipment as long as it meets our safety requirements.
CommunicationPlease provide a valid email address at registration time. We will be reaching out to collect more information and provide further details.


  1. Martin Luther King Jr Pool 3rd at Armstrong, San Francisco, CA