Tutu Tuesday 6 Year Anniversary featuring 6 hours of Atish

Event has passed (Tue May 13, 2014 - Tue May 13, 2014)
$2 - $10
Clubs, Dance


Tutu Tuesday 6 Year Anniversary Party
featuring 6 hours of Atish

The Tracy Piper art pop-up and 8pm champagne toast hosted by Golden Gate Dolls

Airbrushing by Icarus Zaure
Face painting by Cassandra Love Lambert
Hair styling by Julian Contreraz and team

Performances from Erin Shredder, Inka Siefker, Katie Scarlett, and Jym Darling

Photography by Lance Skundrich and Tim Coy

From its early beginnings at Vessel to a brief stint at Triple Crown before making waves at Santos Party House in Manhattan followed by a magical era at 222 Club and ultimately landing at its Harlot haven, TUTU TUESDAY has always been a joyful blessing that I am thrilled to share with you.

Never when I heard the words "Tutu Tuesday" on a lovely stranger's lips on an art car at Burning Man 2007 would I have dreamed that my 2008 New Year's resolution to wear a tutu every Tuesday for the entire year would lead to a 6 year long adventure of mesmerizing music, fantastic friends, and so much LOVE!

Due to the close of 222, we were dispossessed of our plans for Atish to play for 5 hours at the 5 year anniversary so we haven't celebrated an anniversary for two years and THIS, my friends is going to be the BIGGEST celebration in Tutu Tuesday history with Atish playing a made-of-dreams 6 hour set.

Atish's residency with Tutu Tuesday coincided with our debut at 222 and pretty closely aligned with the inception of his DJ career. Since that time he has enjoyed a bewildering amount of well-deserved success. His humble genius has been received enthusiastically by fans all over the world and it is simply amazing that we get to enjoy this man's music at every Tutu Tuesday with rare exception. His commitment to Tutu Tuesday has made it the special fairyland it has become and I am forever grateful.

In honor of Atish's determination to serve the less fortunate, we will be donating this anniversary's door profits to Project HOPE Art, a charity benefiting the impoverished youth of Haiti by sharing with them the transcendent beauty of art and music. Operated by talented humanitarian Melissa Schilling, who will be moonlighting as our door hostess, this monetary gift will help to bring a new music program and electronic pen pal system to these underprivileged yet inspiring children. So, simply by coming this soiree, you are doing your part as well. Feels good, doesn't it?

We really want you to come early and stay all night; to be with us on this musical journey. For that reason we are escalating the production of this event and scheduling many exciting happenings for the early part of the evening.

For one, we are starting an hour early and opening up both floors for the entirety of this unprecedented occasion. Upstairs, the Golden Gate Dolls will host a complimentary bubbles toast at 8pm for early arrivals. The Tracy Piper will be showing her art work, some of which was created live at Tutu Tuesday, and also some prints of her popular works will be available for sale. Lance Jeffrey Skundrich is setting up a loft photo studio where we can immortalize you in all of your tutu glory. He and Tim Coy will be tag teaming the dance floor bringing their unique perspectives on your shining moments.

Downstairs, Cassandra Love Lambert will be offering her loving hands with some face painting creations AND the ridiculously amazing Icarus Zaure is going to bring his air brushing talent to the table. Seriously, you are welcome in advance. Between the two of them, some of our most zealous attendees will be decked out in intricate embellishments that you will wish could last longer than one night. Even further, Julian Contreraz is bringing a crew of stylists to offer sexy updos for our early-comers from 8pm-10pm.

Some of our best performances of the night are going to occur well before midnight so don't miss out on any of the night's fabulousness (and the opportunity to be beautified by our able-handed helpers) if you can help it! Erin Shredder is going to light up the dance floor with an eye popping hula hoop show, Inka Siefker is going to make you disbelieve your eyes with her unparalleled cortortion abilities and you won't be able to take your eyes off of Katie Scarlett as she graces us with her sexy presence. Let's not forget Jym Schmidt who has kept us bursting with smiles with his next level costumes and artful dance moves.

Well friends, I think that just about covers it. All that is left to discover are the wonderful, much-anticipated surprises of what creative costumes you will wear, which new and old friends you will be dancing with, and how many hugs and kisses we can collect along the way.

THANK YOU ALL for making this so perfectly possible.

$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale


  1. Harlot
    46 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA