Turning Anxiety into Aliveness - 4 week class

Event has passed (Mon Oct 23, 2017 - Mon Oct 23, 2017)
The Women's Building
06:30 PM
Sports / Fitness
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Instructors:   Donna Molettiere, LMFT and Tamara Reimer, LMFT
In this four-week class we will learn how stress and vitality live on opposite ends of the same continuum.  We will explore how to transform stress and anxiety into vital life force energy, the fuel that empowers us to live the life we want
In this class you will discover what triggers your stress and how it impacts your body, mind, behaviors, and relationships.  You will learn to recognize your own unique stress response and how to participate in it so you have more choice in how you want to respond. We will offer one essential body-mind practice per week to help you manage your stress as it is occurring in the present moment wherever you are, while also creating more access to your vitality!
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  1. The Women's Building 3543 18th Street, San Francisco, CA