5929 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.387.4747
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Sun - Sat (12pm - 11pm)
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The original tequlia bar.   In my past experiences, the food is just so-so, but the bar scene is first class.   Talk about tequila with the bartender.  Try a few brands you haven't tried before.   This is the place to do that.


Check out Tommy's Margarita Mix.


While Tommy's still features one of the best tequila bars in town, rising prices and dwindling parking have turned this former bargain Yucatecan favorite into just another inaccessible place to pay way too much for mediocre food. At $12.95, the sautéed shrimp plate had been a fairly tasty bargain. However, at $16.95, it was just expensive and not very interesting. We passed. As should vegetarians - we only found two veg items on the menu, and one of them was huevos rancheros. But the daily Yucatecan specials are still somewhat of a tasty deal; for $10.95, we had a regional pork and chicken meatloaf that was out of this world.

If you're just looking to unwind after work with a few friends, Tommy's is still a great spot to suck down some of the best margaritas north of Market. Just be wary of the ubiquitous lettuce-and-salsa salad, the stale chips and the drunken frat-boy spill-over from nearby Trader Sam's. 

by Tamar Love