Time Travel Segway Tour - Ghosts, Hoodlums, Harlots, Thieves, and Other Fine Citizens

Event has passed (Sat Oct 1, 2016 - Mon Oct 31, 2016)
San Francisco Electric Tour Company
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Limited Engagement October 1st -31st!

This one-of-a-kind interactive tour covers infamous San Francisco haunts: North Beach “Little Italy”, Chinatown and the Barbary Coast.

Travel back in time with your slightly deranged expedition leader to dig up sordid tales of days gone by. Along the way search for ghosts from the Barbary Coast, meet harlots in the back alleys of Chinatown while avoiding being "Shanghaied" on the waterfront. Explore the haunts of the low and the vile of every kind -the petty thief, the tramp, the whoremonger, lewd women, cut throats and murderers - and other fine citizens. Follow your time traveler guide as you creep quietly into hidden spots to learn about the Tong Wars, underground gambling and opium dens. Enjoy tall tales and scary yarns abound in the sordid past of the City by the Bay.

Segway Back in Time:

-Explore haunts off the beaten path - Memorable places and characters abound.

-Hidden Chinatown, a city within a city - Warring clans, tunnels to nowhere and drug induced mayhem.

-Life as a Forty Niner - Fortunes made and lost during the perilous Gold Rush.

-Survive the Barbary Coast - Greed, gambling, graft and vigilante justice in 1849.

-Ghost and Horror tales - We know where to look and who to ask.

-Buried Ships - Legends of 100 abandoned ships submerged under city streets.

-Misbehave at your peril - Risk being "shanghaied" and wake up on a ship bound for the far east.

-Time travel at your own risk - Stories appropriate for ages 17 up.

Why Choose us for Your Time Travel Needs?

-Small expedition groups for easy transportation to the past.

-We have the the only magical time travel leaders. Segway time travel machine included with each outing!

-Each guest gets a radio receiver with earbud so you won't miss the tall tales along the way.

-When the thought of a chill running up your spine creates goosebumps we have warm jackets, hats and gloves at the ready.

-Riding a segway time travel machine is a blast. Easily outrun most ghosts.

-The best Segway time travel training around. Complete one on one rider training before your adventure begins.

One on one training and small groups make for a personal experience.
After 35-45 minutes of fun training on how to safely operate the Segway, you'll explore multiple time dimensions with an interactive tour. Time travel is limited to ten travelers per expedition leader.



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