They, Themself and Schmerm

Event has passed (Mon Sep 18, 2017 - Mon Sep 18, 2017)
Z Below
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
$20 - $35
Theater / Performance Arts


Becca Blackwell is a NYC-based trans actor, performer and writer. Existing between genders, and preferring the pronoun "they," Blackwell works collaboratively with playwrights and directors to expand our sense of personhood and the body through performance. Some of their collaborations have been with Young Jean Lee, Half Straddle, Jennifer Miller's Circus Amok, Richard Maxwell, Sharon Hayes, Theater of the Two Headed Calf and Lisa D'Amour.

They, Themself and Schmerm is a disturbingly hilarious personal tale of being adopted into a Midwestern religious family, trained to be a girl, molested, and plagued by the question, "How do I become a man and do I even want that?" Blackwell recently performed They, Themself and Schmerm at Under the Radar in NYC to critical acclaim. This San Francisco engagement is part of a larger West Coast tour that includes the TBA Festival in Portland.

Blackwell has "the razor-sharp timing of a stand-up comedian." -BOMB Magazine

"Currently I do all the things that a man does, yet I don't always feel comfortable using the term he, because I'm concerned that it will erase the entire struggle that she brought with me. And there was a long time where I would present as I am in a masculine way, but request that people use she with me. It's like, yeah I look like a dude, but you're going to call me she, because I want you to rethink feminine bodies. Like, I am Martha and I am George. Deal with that." --Interview with Blackwell in HuffPost


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