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Artwork by Tim Welden

Design Credit

Artwork by Tim Weldon Courtesy of Gallery Bergelli

Artist Bio:

Tim Weldon was born in New York City in 1961.  The fifth in a family of nine children, he had a rich, colorful childhood.  He was a "born performer" and appeared as a tap dancer in Broadway shows, including 42nd Street.  In his teen years, Weldon's family moved to a small town in New Mexico, where his experimentation with the visual arts began.  As an adult, he moved to San Francisco, California to work as a sound engineer in the music business.  Weldon is self taught.  His art documents his life - family, dance, music, food, and the palette and primitivism of New Mexico.  His work is spontaneous, expressive, energetic, joyful, raw, innocent, emotional, and enchantingly creative.  In the end, it is a celebration of life.   

As a teenager, Weldon found refuge from the chaos of his large family in the garage, where he would paint.  Then he painted on anything he found - old doors, signs, boards.  In his travels he collects antique objects or architectural salvage - old cookie cutters, an old coffee grinder, an antique camera lens - that are later found in his art.   He routinely uses text, which comes from the top of his mind, in a stream of consciousness - as a counterbalance to the primitive figures.   

His work is sometimes referred to as art brut or outsider art.  Weldon sees little use in labels, and instead refers to his work as this:  "A word spawns an image, the image dances across the canvas to the beat of its own drummer and colors lead the way to a new discovery."

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