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Artist Statement:

My background in architecture influences how I interpret a building through photography. When I am designing I think of space, lines, volumes, positive/negative space, the experience when one moves around and through the building. All of these intuitions help me to understand a building better, and enable me to reveal and highlight its essence in the images I produce.

I enjoy the challenge of combining both the artistic and the technical in my photography, to achieve a story that will attract the attention of a viewer. Photographing details or textures. Studying different angles that capture my attention. Making use of light, contrast, and shadows to create depth. Of course framing and composition are crucial in constructing the narrative of the image.

I like that each building/project has it own challenges. That each one pushes me to find new meaning and expression each time, demanding that I bring out the soul of the subject, and allow it to live.

Artist Link: www.sweecoh.com
Artist Instagram: instagram.com/sweecoh
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