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Artwork by Peabe

Design Credit

Artwork by Peabe

Artist Bio:

Born and raised in Chicago and now living in Oakland, CA, Peabe began drawing during his early stages of development.  The characters he creates, an embodiment of his emotional peaks, were heavily influenced by the "cattle to the slaughterhouse" train riders who often appear "zombie-esque" during their commute.  However, occasionally a passenger would awaken to something beautiful around them - he worked on capturing this moment of enlightenment emerging from melancholy, while still bringing forth the art, texture, colors, and beauty of the city.

His first solo show was the grand opening of the Rotofugi gallery in Chicago.  The show was a huge success and his work has now been featured in many other galleries, publications and even documentaries.

Now living in California, Peabe's work has been inspired and has evolved with the chill and relaxed attitude of the Bay Area art scene.  With greater expressive strokes and breaking out of comfort zones, he is taking a little more time to explore the direction and style of his pieces.  So keep an eye out for Peabe's sexy, zombified work and be sure to catch one of his many upcoming shows!

- Giuseppe Alagna

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