Endless Canvas: How many years have you been doing the Graff thing?
Optimist: I guess it all started in the 7th grade in Oakland California. Thats when it caught my eye, and I started taggin, but didn't really start writing and painting and getting involved till around 98' so around 11 years.

EC: Did you come up with your name or was it given?
Optimist: At first it was just TIM, cus my friends said i look like A TIM.. and some other secret reasons that cant be discussed here, so I just started writing TIM. Then one night I was all pissed about something, and I was bitching and moaning to AIDER and he said, in a sarcastic manor: "There you go again. OPTIMISTIC TIM", and was like ooh that has a nice ring to it. And wrote out the word OPTIMISTIC,, then OPTIMIST and was feelin it. And it was a sign for me to really try to be a more positive person on this earth. So I figured that if I wrote a positive word all the time on everything and focused my life on something really positive I would Subconsciously be a better person. Sounds cheesy, but at that point in life I was all fucked up.

EC: What graffiti artists influences your work? Could you go into some detail how.
Optimist: I would have to say LEWSE(TFL), JAPAN (DE), BEATS(SB, TNS), ELSE(HA), DRAMA(DE), pretty much every body in TDK, RIP DREAM, A lot of these people besides the DE's were painting a lot when I was younger and I would see their pieces up in the yards in Oakland and be amazed, and I think their styles stuck with me. But there have been other people who have influenced me in other ways when it comes to Graffiti, not just the style of it, but the state of mind and bombing and racking. Good friends of mine like PLANTREES, UDON, DESTN, AIDER, YEOL, and DRAMA. There is a lot more to Graffiti then just the painting, the state of mind surrounding graffiti is what influences the painting. And thats what's important. your intentions behind graffiti is important, i feel like a lot of people do it for the wrong reasons.

EC: Was there anyone or more tag that influence you own hand-style?
Optimist: Get the answer and the rest of the interview at endlesscanvas.com/?p=1286

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