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Artwork by Nick Meyer

Design Credit

Artwork by Nick Meyer

Artist Statement:

History is subjective. It is always a personal account of the facts. It is truth from a one-sided vantage point.
I record my history through photographs, trying to find my own truth, the reality I want to remember, my own nostalgia. I pay close attention to how I am aging, how things change, keeping a visual diary to track the transformations that occur in my life, in myself, in the places where I spend time and the changes that happen to those I surround myself with. I am looking for parallels in history. What things remain the same and what things change. I am Looking at what I know and what I have learned.
Through creating photographs I can step back and look at the details or accept the facts. I remember my truth, my own history and create a document that can be viewed with empathy or sympathy.
As I get older I accumulate more and more of my past. I file it away in boxes and books. I hang it on the walls of my house and put in books. It is a reminder that things pass and things change, but we are always the owner our own history.


Nick Meyer grew up in rural Massachusetts, where he spent much of his time swimming and walking and taking pictures of it all. He moved to New York City for a spell, before making the move to first Providence, then Boston. A few years ago he packed up his car and headed west to sunny California where he got his MFA from California College of the Arts. He is the recipient of the Pace Gallery and the Barclay Simpson awards. He splits his time on the two coasts, between Massachusetts and Oakland.

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