"I've always made collages. As a child I would spend hours on them. I spent a great deal of time drawing cartoons and making comics as well. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007, I  discovered digital editing when working on a small film project. So I put the pens and pencils down, and I've been pretty much hooked ever since. In 2010 I purchased my first iPhone. And from that point until now, I have produced all of my work from it solely. Though more challenging/limited than photoshop, I was attracted to the touch screen. It gave me the ability to use my finger like a pencil. And it sure beat that stupid ass mouse. And that's all I wanted to work with since. Less is definitely more in my experience.

I've always been the type of person that makes a ton of crap to then pile it up in a closet, hidden from everything and everyone. So an official name for my art never seemed important. I guess I never really felt like an "artist." I just knew I liked to make things, constantly. I  have been a bboy/dancer most my life,  and I would go by the name "metal fingers" and "meta" is a derivative of sorts I guess. "meta" also refers to the layers in my work. Taking bits and pieces from here and there, then making them new again. I use all lowercase letters as a nod to bell hooks, one of my favorite authors. That's the story behind the name "meta" pretty much - It was simple, and I felt it really described me. So it stuck. 

I can say I have many influences. But the one person that made me want to pursue art is Rob Liefeld. The artist behind the "Image Comics" boom of the early 90s. I was a crazy comic head and guys like him and Stan Lee really had me drawing alone in my room for weeks. Aside from comics, I'd say 80/90s films/TV, vintage fashion, and old illustrated magazines really shaped my vision. In fact my entire pallet was gleaned from the sitcom "Alf" .. As a latchkey I identified with that show most, and those themed colors always made me feel something. Now I can't make anything without them. I would have to say my biggest influence of all is emotion. My own, and other's, it moves me to action, and it brings me my ideas. A sad scene in a film, an epic break down on a track, a child skipping rocks at a pond, these are my deepest influences. 

Beer is good, especially when cold. Though I have about 1 a month. Not much of a drinker. 

I dont care for cops. History shows us that Police Officers are direct descendants of the Klu Klux Klan. They are here to protect and serve property, not people. That is why I would hold them at a "2" on a scale. It is a racist, classist, and patriarchal organization. But you couldn't have your hot cup of Starbucks without them. 

I call myself a collage artist. Though I can draw and sculpt and stuff I enjoy collage most. With collage I can be nostalgic yet new at the same time. 

I work on art everyday. On days off, all day. Its just something I need to do. I'm honestly never bored this way. 

When I am not working on projects I am a full time bike messenger in San Francisco. That would surely be my other passion. My bike. It also influences me heavily, I see amazing things on my bike. Everyday. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the sensations of everything around me, so I have to put it on a screen. In a sense, my work is really just feelings, or a moment, captured, and described. Nothing more. 

 I would like to shout out everybody who doubted me. Who thought I was just "fucking around on my phone" all the time, Or at home "not doin shit" ...Most people want to see you fail, or can't imagine you doing anything great, and I want to thank all those for lighting my fire. Also a shout out to all the kids out there putting pens on pads and paint on walls. This place wouldn't be half as interesting if it wasn't for you guys. Peace to all the creators. You make life worth living. Peace to the single mothers and single fathers of the world. Never give up, and believe in your children, you are setting the future. Many thanks. "

- meta

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