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Artwork by Hilary Williams

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Artwork by Hilary Williams

Hilary Williams is an artist living in San Francisco. She works in a number of mediums creating screen prints, paintings, drawings, and dolls. Hilary received her BA in printmaking with a focus in screen printing particularly. She still works in this medium passionately and incorporates its ideas and methods in her other work. Through layering and collage, she makes pieces that deal with the absurdity of our culture by laughing, crying, or standing back in awe.
Hilary reflects this in her work using collages of photography, drawing, painting, patterning and other marks to create layers of images and meaning. Her works deal with a variety of emotions about the coexistence of our urban landscape, nature and humanity. She is continually inspired by her surroundings, todays urban and natural environments, and will admit to influences from Dada, Surrealism and Pop art.
In creating her screen prints she takes all of her own photographs, and each other stencil is created and printed by hand, with ten to twenty layers in each print. Her paintings are composed of stretched found fabrics with screen printing and acrylics. Hilary grew up in the bay area, and received her BA in Printmaking from California College of Art in Oakland 2002. She now lives and works in San Francisco.

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