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Artwork David Marc Grant

Design Credit

Artwork by David Marc Grant

Artist Statement:

My work is concerned with the development of a refined syntactical system that stems from an investigation into the process and problem solving of formal painting issues, as well as addressing my interest in external geo-political issues. The conceptual locus of the work revolves around a personal interest in the environmental problems, contradictions, and unintended consequences of a civilization built on a foundation of unsustainable growth on a finite planet.

I am interested in the haphazard residue from the current economic paradigm of consumption in the age of cheap oil under conditions of corporate capitalism. I ask the viewer to fall in love with the consumption of brightly colored consumer objects, in this case paintings, while simultaneously suggesting the dangerous consequences implicit in the act. The work exemplifies this contradiction formally. Asserting several reoccurring motifs from both a personal and appropriated lexicon, landscapes and portraits emerge populated by amalgam fictitious forms and structures, machines, and chimerical biomorphs connected by ubiquitous loops of tubes and pipes, color bars, patterns, and reductive abstractions. These formations simultaneously flirt with notions of utopian and dystopian visions of technology and structure of an unknown temporality. They could exist in the past, present, or future, possibly all at the same time.

Accordingly, the work is situated in an art historical context that is also atemporal. Plucking what I like formally from the Constructivist/Suprematist movement, Persian miniaturists, Op, Pop, advertising, comics, science fiction films, and contemporary low brow, my work is ultimately a synthesis of multiple trajectories merging in a contemporary vision that is non-hierarchical.

David Marc Grant May 2010


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