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Artwork by Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Design Credit

Artwork by Andrzej Michael Karwacki

Artist Bio:

"Don't dream a dream, live a dream and let reality sleep."
- Eyvo Johnson

As an artist, is it I who defines painting or is it painting that defines me...?

To discover my very own nature, I allow paint to become my external means of expression.

In a sense, painting is like writing a fable, one without words and one that is rather suggested in nature. And it that process, I say...forget all that you know, for originality can only be achieved by reaching into your own infinite possibilities. The quantum mechanics of art is where the gaps between thoughts emerge onto the canvas in the same form as music emerges from between the strings of an instrument. And when it happens, Art completes life, bringing to focus what nature cannot bring to finish.

Born 1967 in Poland, in the historic town of Brzeg. Andrzej grew up during the years of political oppression and era of communist Poland. There, He attended the School for the Arts and Literature.

Andrzej moved to New York in 1984 and continued his education in the School for the Arts at Jersey City State University, where he received BFA in painting. He continued his education in Philadelphia and in 1994, received Master Degree and Honorary Award from University of Pennsylvania in the field of environmental art and landscape architecture.

Living in the Bay Area since 1994, Andrzej has a broad creative practice.He is a freelance designer, illustrator, landscape architect and teacher. Andrzej's focus has been in both contemporary abstracts and figurative paintings.

His work has been acquired by many private collectors throughout The United States. His paintings are shown in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Paris and London and published in the New Yorker, ArtBusiness.com, NY Uppereast.com, Dalkey Archive Books, SF Weekly and SF Station.

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