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Artwork by Allen Song

Design Credit

Artwork by Allen Song

Artist Bio:

Allen Song was born in Houston, Texas and moved to San Francisco when he was 8 years old. He was an artist at an early age, drawing the characters from cartoons he used to watch, and making his own comic books. Many artists inspired Allen throughout his life. His grandmother is a fine artist painter and calligraphy artist who introduced him to watercolor. His brother is an animator and his best friend is a car designer. The people who surrounded him throughout his life provided a great influence and kept his passion alive for art.
Allen explores thin lines between macabre and beauty, rendering stylized characters into storytelling images. He paints with Watercolor and Acrylic as well as oil paints and pastels. His color gives viewers a dreamy experience, inviting them to wander within the borders of his work. The images he creates lure attention with high contrast and balance of intensity.
Allen Song is currently finishing his last semesters at the Academy of Art School of Illustration. His work has been exhibited in three Bay Area locations and he is currently working as a graphic novel artist in collaboration with a team of Academy Alumni.

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