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Artwork by Hemali Acharya Zaveri

Design Credit

Artwork by Hemali Acharya Zaveri

Artist Statement:

Art itself is a graphic representation of forms, ideas and emotions. And it can be communicated with any medium. I would like to communicate through photography. I place myself as a Fine Artist. For the last two and half year I have been working on a still life project - Reminiscence. I began the project by constructing the setups into tabletop still life. I started creating scenes from my memory - all the little incidents like swinging by the tree, making paper boats, road trips. I want to capture those moments that we all live once in a lifetime. When you want to go back to same place in your past, you will not have the same feeling when it felt for the first time and stayed in your mind forever.

I wanted to create narrative images which challenges our notion of what is real and imaginary. We all have memories and imagination that make up our mental model. My constructed landscapes are based in my memories and imaginations, which serve as my mental model.

Photography is to me more realistic and less abstract. Without the reality we cannot visualize and the authenticity of image or event in the picture can be forgotten. I would like to present my journey of the photographic expression. My final output image is 20"x24" framed.

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