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Tuesday, August 15 - Monday, August 21

The world is your oyster. Or at least San Francisco is. Explore your world this week by going global.

Kick it off with the groundbreaking documentary Baraka. Check it out at the Castro Theatre in its 70mm print - you won't see the world the same ever again. Or skip reality altogether and enter the realm of fiction at The LAB's Fresh Off the Chopping Block featuring the maverick works of three daring writers.

If there's one name known all over the globe it's Debbie. Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical opens Thursday at the Eureka Theater in what is sure to be a salacious send-up of the infamous 70s classic. However, if that's not to your taste, stop by either Golden Gate Park for the Festival of the Golden Gate (featuring none other than Mr. James "Hot Tub" Brown) or Herbst Theatre for the 2006 Bay Area Tap Festival, where you can discover the universality of dance.

But whatever you do make sure you also check out the finale of the Stern Grove Music Festival. Afro-Latin-World Music sensations Ozomatli will be closing the season out. And if you still have the energy, get to the Red Devil Lounge for one of the International Pop Overthrow shows where over a hundred bands will be rocking you out.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
at Poleng Lounge (10pm - 2am)
The Beat Lounge and the original Beat Lounge residents, Apollo, Q Bert & Shortkut, was based on building a community between seasoned Bay Area DJ Veterans with talented up and coming djs, providing an open turntable format. This gave new djs a platform to showcase and practice their skills and help them get their start in the nightclubs scene and allowed the Veterans to share their knowledge and get in some practice of their own..
at Mission 17 (3pm - 6 pm)
The work in "wouldn't it be nice" examines our idea of Summer through tactile, aural and visual installation, at once creating an evocative atmosphere and deconstructing its meaning. From references to such powerfully ingrained icons as The Beach Boys to the charming banality of city pigeons, our artists explore the relationship between the reality of summer and its representations, conceptualizations and connotations.
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
at New Conservatory Theatre (8pm)
A sharply provocative tale of love, victimization and fantasy. This well-known play by the Argentine novelist Manuel Puig, tells the story of the friendship that develops between two strikingly different men imprisoned together in a Latin American jail.
at Castro Theatre (Wed 2:30pm, 4:45pm, 7pm 9:15pm; Thu 7pm, 9:15pm: Baraka)
70 MM Print of Baraka!
Thursday, August 17, 2006
at Suite one8one (10pm - 4am)
Suite one8one is turning 3 and are celebrating with an anniversary weekend like no other!
at Recombinant Media Labs (8:30pm)
Skoltz_kolgen is a plurimedia work cell based in Montreal, comprising dominique [t] skoltz and herman w kolgen. Rigorous and raucous creators,their artistic pursuits plumb the integral linkages between sound and image. Skoltz_Kolgen create liminal worlds that exist in the nebulous territory between inner and outer space.
at CELLspace (Crucible Steel Gallery) (6pm - 9pm)
Mission Voices Summer (MVS) teaches youth to use the visual arts to express their creative voices and to make a visual statement about their ideas, interests, and ambitions through a series of workshops that result in an exhibition presented to the community.
at The Lab (7pm - 9pm)
The Lab presents Fresh Off the Chopping Block, performances that explore mutant forms of fiction in a live context. Three writers, Elizabeth Block, Lucy Corin and Lidia Yuknavitch, known for their unconventional narratives, restore the boundaries of what constitutes the pleasurable, the tolerable, and the acceptable in writing and storytelling.
Friday, August 18, 2006
at Greek Theater (7pm)
One cannot simply classify the raw appeal of Ben Harper. He is a musician, an artist, and an individualist. Whether it's through the soul dances of southern Gospel, 70s funk or electric blues, Harper maintains a stance for a simple beauty.
at Bambuddha Lounge (9pm - 2am)
Bambuddha Lounge, located in San Francisco's legendary Phoenix Hotel, offers Southeast Asian cuisine in one of San Francisco's most unique settings. The main dining room invites the outdoors in, balancing cool and hot elements including floor-to-ceiling waterfalls and indoor/outdoor slate fireplaces.
at Geras Tousignant Gallery (11am - 6pm)Opening Reception: 5pm - 9pm
Daniel Tousignant's technique consists of painting in pigment on dry plaster. As it dries the wet plaster absorbs the pigment and the painting becomes part of the surface rather than resting on top of it.
at Eureka Theatre (8pm)
Join us for this tribute to the most famous adult film of all time! Even if you've never seen the original, you'll enjoy this send-up of 70's porn, cheerleader rivalry and high school heartbreak. Smart and funny, racy and risque, this is already one of the most talked-about shows in San Francisco this year.
Saturday, August 19, 2006
at The Regency Center (9am - 6pm (see website for full schedule))
The Bandwidth Conference discusses issues of interest to the music and technology communities, with a particular focus on the evolving musical experience. Topics focus on marketing, fan behavior, trends and future forecasts, and an examination of the ways people discover, purchase, interact with, and are exposed to music.
at Great Meadow at Fort Mason (11am - 6pm)
Wrapped in a natural garden amphitheatre setting with spectacular Bay views, the two-day festival features two stages of local and legendary rock, soul and pop headliners with sensational regional cuisine, wines and brews from 11am to 6pm each day.
at Sebastien Entertainment (10pm - 3am)
2006 Girls of Playboy Golf Party at Levitate 3rd Saturdays at the elegant Roe Club/Lounge!
at Herbst Theatre (8pm)
The Bay Area Tap Festival, now in its fourth year, celebrates the traditions and new directions of the uniquely American art form of tap dance, and features Festival artists in a week of instructional workshop classes and a free panel discussion hosted by San Francisco Dance Center.
at The Lab (2pm - 5pm)
The LAB is pleased to present kinetic installations by Kal Spelletich, a Bay Area-based machine artist and founder of the interactive performance collective SEEMEN. Spelletich's work compels audience members to fuse themselves with his machines and perceive the world and their place within it differently as a result. His materials consist largely of reapplied industrial items from junkyards and dumpsters.
Sunday, August 20, 2006
at COPIA (10am - 5pm)
Inspired by COPIA's Edible Gardens, this festive weekend features cooking demonstrations, winetasting, live music, a vendors' marketplace and presentations by renowned garden experts. Bring the whole family for fun in the COPIA KIDS Garden, hands-on craft activities and more. From fertile fashions to fashionable fertilizers, garden sculpture to sculpted gardens-it's all part of a weekend unlike any other.
at Sigmund Stern Grove (2pm) Ozomatli and Crown City Rockers
Stern Grove Festival ends its 69th Season with the high-voltage star power of Ozomatli, the Los Angeles-based Afro-Latin-and-beyond group that won a 2005 Grammy for their album Street Signs.
at Alameda Point Naval Base (6am - 4pm)
This very special show will be presented by The Alameda Point Auto & Motorcycle Swap Meet, East Bay Motor Sports, and Rabers Parts Mart. It will feature scores of motorcycles competing in a dozen different categories. A number of today's most celebrated custom builders and designers (Cannonball Customs and Calypso Cycles) will have their motorcycles exhibited. Meet world class pit bike rider, Doug Fraschieri, and local mini motard champ, Aliyah Pullen.
at Poleng Lounge (Doors at 9pm, Performance at 11pm)
This is The Rebirth's first performance in the bay since the highly acclaimed Gilles Peterson Worldwide show last year. if you missed it, here's your chance to catch The Rebirth for an uber-exclusive live show at Poleng Lounge.
Monday, August 21, 2006
at New Langton Arts (8pm)
Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena and the other Greek Gods on Mount Olympus challenge our hero Perseus to slay the Kraken, the last of the Titan monsters... But wait? Perseus works in a strip mall?
at Red Devil Lounge (7:30pm)
The purpose of International Pop Overthrow is two-fold: one aim is to give every worthy band who'd like to play their music in a festival atmosphere the chance to do so, and the other is to bring pop music the attention it so richly deserves.
This Week's Articles

photo credit: Amy Sherman
Bravo Coco!
By Amy_Sherman (Aug 10, 2006)
Coco500 recently reached its first anniversary. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate. The restaurant manages to balance top-notch food with a friendly, let's-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously attitude. The interior is inviting, filled with warm earthy wood tones, contemporary paintings and minimalist light fixtures. The patrons are a portrait of San Francisco hipsters, from young to aging and a few in between.
Rock Grrl
By Matt_Crawford (Aug 11, 2006)
Palo Alto's all-female rock 'n' roll foursome The Donnas return to the Bay Area August 19th for the Festival of the Golden Gate, a bill that will match them with an Asian rapper, a former Stray Cat, and a Venezuelan dance band, among others. Allison Robertson, the group's guitarist, spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from her apartment in Los Angeles, where The Donnas are preparing songs for their next album.
Richard Edwards of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (Aug 10, 2006)
The Midwest is not dead; I say and so do Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos. As eight people filled the small stage with three guitars, a cello, trumpet, two drummers and a keyboard I knew this was going to be something to see. With their own brand of rock and roll that mixes melodic guitars and simple keyboard they infected the crowd. With songs like "Quiet As A Mouse" these kids are on their way to stardom because it shows the range that not only Richard has but also the rest of the band's ability to go between genres within one song.
Released on Putumayo World Music, 7/25/06
By Adam_Pollock (Aug 11, 2006)
Dan Storper and the folks at Putumayo World Music must be proud of the earnest legacy they have built over the last thirteen years. With more than seventy mostly "upbeat and melodic compilations" to its name, Putumayo has carved out a yuppified world music niche and has been instrumental in bringing the much needed sound of the kanun (a traditional Turkish instrument) to dorm rooms everywhere. Putumayo compilations sell because Putumayo the brand has earned respect for consistently delivering quality music in attractive packaging for a specific demographic.
Released on Dim Mak Records, 06/06/06
By lynne_angel (Aug 11, 2006)
This debut from London's Scanners leaves something to be desired. Don't get me wrong, the quartet have the formula down. Violence Is Golden is rich with three-minute pop songs, comfortable changes, and anthemic synth-lines reminiscent of the early 90s British re-invasion. But beyond the hooks and catches, this album lacks the staying power of its peers.
Released on Times Square Records, 3/21/06
By Rossiter_Drake (Aug 11, 2006)
After bursting onto the Portuguese pop scene at the ripe age of 16, an older and significantly more accomplished Sara Tavares -- now 27 -- delivers a seductive mix of acoustic-guitar-driven pop and vintage soul with her third album, Balancê.
Something for Every Film Lover
By Mel_Valentin (Aug 11, 2006)
The inaugural San Francisco International Festival of Short Films (SFIFSF) kicks off its first year with 56 short films from around the world. Selected from more than 900 submissions, the shorts are grouped into eight different programs, four general programs, one presented by The Onion, and three more specific programs (e.g. comedy, documentary, and experimental). The SFIFSF will have something for everyone and anyone interested in the unfettered creativity and imagination that often accompanies the short film format (albeit with micro-budgets).
A TV Movie of the Week with a High Budget
By Mel_Valentin (Aug 11, 2006)
Overwrought, overemphatic, manipulative and, yes, propagandistic are all words that could (and should be used) to describe Oliver Stone's (Alexander, JFK, Natural Born Killers, Platoon) "based on true events" film about the efforts to save two Port Authority police officers from certain death on 9/11, World Trade Center. Other critics will use vague, unhelpful words like "profound", "uplifting", or "moving" to describe the movie. Stone doesn't; far from it.
International local exposure
By Jialin_Luh (Aug 14, 2006)
Fabric8 -- the immaculately and whimsically furnished brick and mortar store -- opened in January of this year, evolving from an online-only boutique that has been in operation for the last ten years. Store proprietors Olivia Ongpin and Anthony Quintal created Fabric8 in 1995 to showcase local designers and bring them global exposure. Their offerings include collectible art, clothing, home furnishings, vinyl records, toys and other knick-knacks all with a flavorful spin. Most of the designers are either local or used to be, and many of the products are limited edition.
Best Viewed Up Close
By Nirmala_Nataraj (Aug 10, 2006)
Sarah Kraft and Ed Purver are nothing short of modern day performance archaeologists, scavenging for inspiration in the rubble of fairy tales, games, riddles, and newsy tidbits. Their much-lauded 2002 performance, Woods for the Trees, was an incisive mash-up of commentary on war, technology, the ogre of personal and spiritual isolation, and the ever-creepy parable of Hansel and Gretel. The pair's latest concoction, Remote, leaves behind a similar bread crumb trail of clues, questions, and eerily premonitory vignettes about the human condition in the MySpace era.

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