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SF Station presents The Guide: A list of the best events happening this week
Tuesday, January 16 - Monday, January 22
This week we've chosen some seriously cool and unique events for you. So think outside of the box and take your pick.

Sketch Tuesdays makes its return at 111 Minna. Indulge in some libations while watching art in the making. Over two dozen artists will be participating in this live event. For another one of a kind experience, there's Rebar's Paraformance [05] Tour where you will be led through the nooks and crannies of downtown San Francisco while exploring privately owned public spaces. Then there's the breakdancing competition at The Breakdown, a monthly B-Boy dance-off at the Element Lounge. And why go to a regular 'ol gallery when you can go to Arts and Darts at Space Gallery? This event combines the competitive thrill of a darts tournament with the creative intrigue of an exhibit.

If it's too cold to enjoy the beach this weekend, get to the Cowell Theater for the SF Ocean Film Fest for the next best thing. This fun film festival offers an array of rare sea life-themed cinematic treats. And if aquatic life isn't your thing, perhaps Pigeon John, one of the freshest new voices in Hip Hop, at Bottom of the Hill will whet your appetite? No? Then for something much more serious and politically relevant, Former Defense Secretary William Perry will be speaking on the Iraq Study Group's recommendations at The Fairmont Hotel.
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Direct from the People's Republic of China, the Peking Acrobats return to Cal Performances' Zellerbach Hall, one of their favorite homes-away-from-home
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LIVE MUSIC: Ari Hest, Angie Aparo, Red Heart The Ticker at Cafe du Nord
Black Lips, Gris Gris at 12 Galaxies
Great Northern, Division Day, The Changes at Cafe du Nord

DINNER: Impala
Mas Sake

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
at 111 Minna (6pm)
The event itself intends to foster new relationships within the local visual art community, hopefully birthing dialogue, new ideas, and collaboration...
at the Pacific Film Archive (7:30pm)
Yoko Ono made her first films as a member of the Fluxus group; like her "instruction paintings," now on view in the BAM exhibition Grapefruit, the films were small in scale - two were one shot long - and intellectual in concept...
at El Rio (9pm)
SF locals The Associated has been compared to Jane's Addicition and Sublime, John Denver meets punk, and The Clash vs. Lou Barlow/ Galaxie 500. In a word, unique and encompassing many influences and style while adhering to rock n' roll roots and artrock demeanor...
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
at Southern Exposure (11am - 2pm)
Join Rebar and Snap Out of It (SOOI) as they explore San Francisco's downtown niches of public space, embedded deeply within the milieu of global corporate capital. Whose city is this anyway?
at Poleng Lounge (10pm - close)
Local Art Night with Dre & Danilo plus guest artists and special guest DJ Set from Stretch (Foreign Legion)!
Thursday, January 18, 2007
at Rickshaw Stop (7pm - 9:30pm)
Spoken word performances with Lolly Winston (Happiness Sold Separately), K. M. Soehnlein (The World of Normal Boys), Ivory Madison (Huntress: Year One), Taelur Kim (Rock War), and Darrend Brown (Another Eleven Days of Missed Connection)...
at Rickshaw Stop (9pm)
Every 3rd Thursday, Element features the Bay Area's best B Boys competing in a 1 on 1 breakdancing competition for $500 in prize money. This is a B Boy event unike any other...
at Rite Spot Cafe (9pm)
This wily, 4-piece, ukulele-driven troupe specializes in long- forgotten musical gems of the 1920-30's. Self-described Tin Pan Alley Troubadours, they have lovingly mined through their 78 record collections and come up with a lively and varied set of songs...
Friday, January 19, 2007
at Aftermodern (opening reception, 6pm - 9pm)
Irving uses her photographs as raw material for varied projects that include video, installation, sculpture and traditional photography...
at Space Gallery (8pm)
A night of art along with a dart tournament, the winners will recieve a artwork from a featured artist!
at Poleng Lounge (10pm)
In the words of the late James Brown, "It's a man's world" when it comes to hip hop. So when females in the genre make some noise, you gotta give 'em props. The DJ lineup features Pam the Funkstress of The Coup, DJ Backside (KMEL), Similak Chyld (Future Primitive) and Jenicyde (Empressound). Plus, Melina Jones performing live!
at Knockout (10pm)
In October, The Curtains released Calamity, and lots of people have since enjoyed its quirky experia-pop. The online music mag Daytrotter called it "smart pop that absolutely satisfies."
Saturday, January 20, 2007
at Cowell Theater (10am, 1pm, 4pm & 7:30pm)
View the beauty & mysteries of the sea at this fourth annual celebration of the oceans that surround us. The festival showcases a diverse & eye-opening array of international ocean-themed films that are largely unavailable elsewhere.
at SBC Park (now known as AT&T Park) (11am - 4pm)
Fans will have the opportunity to go "behind the scenes" with self-guided tours of the Giants clubhouse, batting cage, dugout and press box. There will be interactive games, a Kids Zone and activities on both the Promenade and exclusive Club Levels of the park...
at Stanford Memorial Auditorium (8pm)
With a sultry voice and seductive artistry, Ute Lemper takes you back in time to the dark, decadent cabarets of pre-war Berlin and the bustling backstreets of Paris. Renowned for her daring interpretations of German composer Kurt Weill and repertoire of France's beloved Edith Piaf and Jacques Prevert, this enigmatic German singer and actress infuses each number with a smoldering theatrical flair...
at Slim's (8pm)
Features members of your favorite local bands (past and present) performing their favorite cover songs! All proceeds benefit the Cancer Lymphoma Research Society...
at the Canvas (9pm)
Featuring live performances of up and coming wordsmiths Bleullama and Jendor, as well as Make.A.Virus and their eclectic blend of multiple MC rhymes and stylish electro beats...
Sunday, January 21, 2007
at Bottom of the Hill (8:30pm)
Drawing from a diverse palette of instruments: sampler, synth, guitar, cello, winds, electronic and acoustic drums, and the unmistakable voice and prose of doseone, the band fashions a self-sampled and live-mic honesty to genreless music...
at Elbo Room (9pm)
Making number-one hits and otherwise unforgettable tracks for The Beastie Boys, Massive Attack, The Orb, Sade, Lee "Scratch Perry", Pato Banton, Depeche Mode, Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, and many others...
Monday, January 22, 2007
at CELLspace (Crucible Steel Gallery) (10am - 10pm)
In this show, each artist begins with some remnant of the past, whether it be old magazines, street debris, snapshots, used clothing, furniture, or disgarded wood. Through their investigation, they then leave behind a new sort of remnant, one that is a trace of their actions, of their manipulative hand.
at Fairmont Hotel (in the gold room at 6pm)
Fresh from the bipartisan Iraq Study Group's report to President Bush on the deteriorating conditions in Iraq, Group member and former Clinton administration Defense Secretary Perry will take you behind the headlines and provide an insider's perspective on the U.S. strategy and options.
This Week's Articles
Il Mare alla Chiesa
By Albert_Pearson (Jan 11, 2007)
If the light falls just right and one is properly sated and besotted by halibut, polenta and the requisite number of Campari-and-gin's, the southern end of Church street may be magically transmuted into a northern Italian coastal village. Pescheria, an old Italian noun meaning expensive fish served in relatively unpretentious environments, lives up to expectations. Accordingly, one should come in search of charmingly simple, rather than elaborately haute, cuisine.
A New Look for a New Year
By Matt_Crawford (Jan 11, 2007)
Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne has a clean-cut new look -- his trademark bright red spikes are gone -- but his lyrical style remains poignant and twisted. He returns to the Bay Area later this month in support of his latest album Everready, which includes several tracks produced by Northern California heavyweight Rick Rock, and appearances by Vallejo's E-40 and Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch. Tech N9ne spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from a tour date in Salt Lake City.
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (Jan 11, 2007)
The first night Fall Out Boy hit the stage in front of a sold out crowd, 2,000 plus fans screamed uncontrollably. The Boys stirred the crowd into a frenzy with outrageous moves and quick guitar rhythms. It was no surprise that old and new songs were graced with a phenomenal stage presence. Their on stage finesse is accompanied by lyrics that capture teenage angst about love, life and the difficulties of growing up.
Released on Sub Pop, 1/23/07
By Matt_Forsman (Jan 11, 2007)
The endorsement of The Shins by Natalie Portman in the 2004 sleeper hit Garden State served as quite the catalyst for the previously ("relatively") unknown band. The quirky, brilliant idiosyncratic sound of The Shins was in many ways the perfect sound for a film that could be described in a similar fashion. Suddenly, The Shins had a whole new audience of listeners.
Released on Layered Music, 2/20/07
By lynne_angel (Jan 11, 2007)
It is both a risk and an assertion to take on a name such as Cougar, even more so if you are an instrumental, improvisational five-piece from Madison, Wisconsin. Namely there is the fear you will be lost and forgotten on the Noah's Arc of other animals trying to make it through the entertainment industry flood, but also the fact that it is quite the name to live up to.
Suburban Crime Drama Scores
By Mel_Valentin (Jan 12, 2007)
Written and directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, John Q), Alpha Dog is loosely based on Jesse James Hollywood, a mid-level Southern California drug dealer who, before he turned twenty, became a fugitive and earned a spot on the FBI's most wanted list (he was apprehended in South America two years ago and is currently awaiting trial on multiple charges). The film, however, is not a romanticized, sentimentalized exploration of a minor criminal who meets a violent, premature end. Instead, it is a wrenching, if overlong, cultural critique of suburbia and wannabe gangstas.
Derivative, Unimaginative, and Ultimately Unengaging
By Mel_Valentin (Jan 12, 2007)
Written and directed by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional) from an idea by Celine Garcia and children's books written by Besson, Arthur and the Invisibles ("Arthur et les Minimoys"), the promised first in a live-action/computer animated fantasy trilogy penned and directed by Besson, turns out to be exactly what you'd expect from a filmmaker well known for his lack of subtlety and unoriginality.
A Taste of the Authentic
By Nirmala_Nataraj (Jan 12, 2007)
At this junction in spa history, the comprehensive system of healthy pampering known as Ayurveda -- an across-the-board Hindu wellness practice that translates to "knowledge of life" in Sanskrit -- is part and parcel of the industry lexicon. In San Francisco alone, there are at least a dozen spas that profess to employ some ancient Ayurvedic techniques in their services. But for spa babies who aren't content with watered-down exotics (an oil treatment here, a mantra thrown in for good measure there), Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa is the real deal.
A Ripping Social Satire of Love and Marriage
By Chrissy_Loader (Jan 12, 2007)
W. Somerset Maugham's plays concentrated on social commentary and the conventions of marriage, and in his clever satire, "The Circle", Maugham presents his audience with a circuitous dilemma -- is marriage for practical purposes, or is marriage for love and passion? The drama here is in two generations of upper-crust marriages where characters are confronted with similar impulses, with wives who seek to abandon stability for a shot at romance.
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