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SF Station Blows It Up

1. Fall Out Boy, live onstage @ The Warfield, San Francisco, January 4, 2007

The first night Fall Out Boy hit the stage in front of a sold out crowd, 2,000 plus fans screamed uncontrollably. The Boys stirred the crowd into a frenzy with outrageous moves and quick guitar rhythms. It was no surprise that old and new songs were graced with a phenomenal stage presence. Their on stage finesse is accompanied by lyrics that capture teenage angst about love, life and the difficulties of growing up.

2. The View, backstage @ Popscene, San Francisco, January 4, 2007

The four kids from Scotland did Popscene in style. The View hit the stage to ooh and aahs and from the first note I knew why. With a sound that resembles The Libertines and Oasis and their own fresh, young twist these 18-something kids ruled the stage. Playing songs from their US debut Hats Off To The Buskers, which comes out in a few weeks and stuff from their previous album, they made everyone in the place stand on their heads.

3. Cher (Hololata Times), live on stage @ Sunday’s A Drag, Starlight Room, San Francisco, January 7, 2007

Well, I guess drag isn’t dead. And it better not be because this is San Francisco and at no one place is it more apparent then at the Sunday’s A Drag featuring three performances that would make any artist blush. And this Sunday was no exception with Cher, Miss Whitney and Madonna gracing the stage with crazy costumes and escapades…The 60+ crowd of eater and drinkers was definitely having a blast.