The Truth About Karma - Meditation and Vedic Wisdom with Thom Knoles

Event has passed (Fri Sep 15, 2017 - Fri Sep 15, 2017)
The Red Victorian
06:30 PM
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The Truth About Karma. How to stop overthinking everything and enjoy a life of purpose and meaning.

From the Vedic perspective there is no such thing as "good Karma." Huh? Come learn the surprising truth about Karma and it's meaning from legendary Vedic Master Maharishi Vyasanada Thom Knoles in a talk that will expand your understanding of Karma, Kriya and Dharma so that you can apply them to your daily life.

This event is open to all existing Vedic Meditators, friends, and those interested in getting a taste of the Vedic approach to meditation. We will gather to socialize, sip some tea and share a deep, grounding group meditation before enjoying Thom's talk.

Thom Knoles is a maharishi (or pre-eminent master-teacher) of Vedic Meditation (an effortless mental technique that allows one to experience fully-awake restful consciousness and its many physiological benefits). He has tens of thousands of personally-taught students worldwide.

Thom is a thought-leader and celebrated speaker on the cognitive sciences, on the potential of the brain and health of the body, on the relationship between quantum physics and human consciousness, and on the 5,000 year-old body of wisdom known as the Veda (knowledge governing the unity of the laws of nature and human consciousness from which yoga, meditation, and Ayur Veda are derived).

In India, he is called “Maharishi Vyasananda.” It means “the great seer who sequentially elaborates knowledge blissfully”. READ MORE


  1. The Red Victorian 1665 Haight St, San Francisco, CA