The Startup Selling Intensive: The Complete Sales Framework to Fund & Scale Your B2B Startup

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The Laundry
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The Startup Selling Intensive: The Complete Sales Framework to Fund & Scale Your B2B Startup
If you're a startup CEO, maybe you know this problem...
You hustle. You work nights and pull all-nighters, more than you’d like to admit. You log hours on the weekend. You ask for more from your team. You spend $15,000 for Big Industry Trade Show, slinging demos and beeping badges, only to come home with nothing more than a big stack of mediocre leads.
Even Super Excited Big Company Guy ditches the meeting you scheduled right from the booth – “Just send me a one-pager and I’ll circulate it with the team…"
So then what? You fly across the country (middle seat) to meet with Big Company Executive, only to learn that Mr. Important isn’t really that big of a deal in his own company, leaving you back at the starting line, months away from anything resembling a sale. 
Ever hear after your product demos  – “Looks interesting. Send me a proposal and I’ll see what my boss thinks…”? Then spend hours writing said proposal, hit ‘Send’ then never hear from the prospect again...
The Pipeline looks like it's growing, but how many of the deals you’re tracking are REALLY real? For every ten deals your add to it, one closes at a huge discount and the other nine stall, die or disappear…  
You have Paying Customers, and the ones paying are massively underpaying – you know and they know it. But you were afraid to ask for the price you deserve or backed down when the prospect asked for a discount.
And let’s not forget about customers you wish you could fire – the ones constantly asking for more – more features, more integrations, more of everything – but the revenue is too important right now.
And even when you start to break out past the first few customers, it just seems…
Figuring out price and deal structures that don’t leave stacks of money on the table...  Building and managing a team that helps you go faster instead of blowing leads and wasting time...  Generating a consistent, repeatable flow of Prospects, Pipeline and Paying Customers so it’s not feast or famine... Running your sales operations on metrics and outcomes instead of fingers in the wind and fire drills...
I get it. You push and push and push, but instead of reaching your potential, your reach your limits. 
That’s Sales Purgatory.
Your product is awesome – it’s innovative, inexpensive and simple. Your market is ripe for transformation, and you’re ready to show them to the Promised Land if only they would give it a shot... 
But the math is simple:
Most startups struggle because they don’t have a repeatable, scalable sales process. That’s why I teach the Startup Selling Intensive.
Your COMPANY'S SUCCESS is determined by your SALES SYSTEM.
In my world, we do things differently. 
Laser-focused Prospecting, working directly with executives…. Collaborating with prospects to move deals quickly through the Sales Pipeline… Setting prices based on value, not what’s in the budget... On-boarding Paying Customers ready to engage and grow... We execute The 100-Day Sales PlanTM to rapidly grow revenue and scale sales operations.

When Anne Stefanyk at Kanopi Studios started to work with me, her sales operations were convoluted and bespoke. Within two months, she closed $160,000 in new business with three new clients and now has a documented sales system that enables her and her team to sell $500k+ solutions to her market.
When Chris Combs and Vishal Sunak founded LinkSquares, they barely had an MVP along with no prospects, no customers and no revenue. This year, they closed a funding round and are closing in on $1,000,000 ARR.
When Jordan Knox and Jack Hirsch at came to this workshop, they had no experience selling to the enterprise and had been working on their product and go-to-market strategy for a year. In less than three months, they secured their first three paying customers, two months ahead of their actual product launch…
Dimitris Giannoccaro and IAMIP closed a $1.5 million funding round directly attributed to customer and revenue growth he learned in working with me.

 That's just a few examples of many...
You might be thinking “I’m a DIY kind of person – I can figure this stuff out…” or "I just need to do a better job with marketing…” or "We just need to fix the product…” or "The market just needs a little more time…” or "I just need to hire an industry sales veteran with a rolodex ..."
And if that’s what you’re thinking, if that’s where your limits are, then this event might not be for you.
Which is why we have strict entry conditions for this one-day Startup Selling Intensive and for working with me, my team and your fellow startup CEOs.
If you don’t know what it means to “sell to the enterprise," this isn’t for you… If you’re a beginner or you’re brain-storming about what product you want to build, this isn’t for you... I can’t do this work with want-trepreneurs or part-timers or B2C companies... If you fall into this category, sign up for my newsletter and follow my Facebook Business Page, get all the free training I put out on there every week and come back later when you’re ready.
BUT… if you’re startup founder or CEO actively selling to the enterprise, and ready to scale to $100k MRR and beyond, keep reading and book yourself a place today in this month's Startup Selling Intensive where I’ll share the complete sales framework I developed and used for over 20 years to lead three startups each to their first millions in revenue. 
This is for serious CEOs that need to get serious about their company’s sales – CEOs serious about rapidly multiplying and scaling revenue, and serious about building for their next round of funding. 
You need to have a product you’re proud of, that delivers results to your customers that you can stand by, and you’ve had to be working on sales long enough to know that working harder or hustling more isn’t the answer.
When you come to the Startup Selling Intensive you’ll learn, side-by-side with me and startup CEOs just like you, on how to create a repeatable sales process for your startup – your Scalable Growth Model that allows you to dramatically increase revenue, reduce time-to-close and convert more of the paying customers you need to grow and scale your company.
But perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to build a business that lets you be the CEO of your company so that you can work ON the business everyday, not IN the business.
As a business owner, I want the same things you want – a thriving business, to help as many people as possible, time to myself and time with my friends and family.
At home, I love nothing more than to be home at night with my wife and son, and explore new places on the weekends and vacations. I tackle crazy long endurance events – Ironmans and multi-day triathlons (yep, there are such things…) 200-mile foot races and 20-mile swims across large bodies of waters.
And while that kind of life might not be for you, that’s OK.
By learning and implementing the strategies and frameworks you'll learn in this workshop, you’ll be able to BUILD THE COMPANY YOU IMAGINE AND BUILD YOUR LEGACY for your customers, your family and yourself.
If you’re ready to WORK, SHARE and IMPLEMENT new ideas RIGHT NOW, then it’s time to climb out of Sales Purgatory.
We keep the Startup Selling Intensive small so that we can work closely together and with each other to identify the biggest gaps and opportunities in your sales process, and put these sales frameworks that I teach to work for your startup.
In this Intensive, you’ll learn the 9 requirements to a repeatable sales process that you need to scale your startup, AND what investors require before they hand over the next dollar of funding.
Send me a text or email directly to Scott Sambucci – (415) 596 0804 & [email protected]  with your questions. If you’re not sure this is right for you, ask away and I’ll let you know.
See you there. 
Let’s do this. 

The Pre-Requisite FAQs...
1. Why is it the same price to bring a co-founder as it is to go by myself?  
Because this is a focused sales strategy-building event for CEOs and company founders serious about putting what they learn to work. Successful startups treat sales as a vital part of their success and growth, and I'm rewarding founders dedicating the time to building their 2017 sales strategy together with their cofounders and business partners.
2. Do I have to attend for the whole day?
Well... we won't have a bouncer at the door, but you definitely should plan to attend the day... The learning we'll  do together build throughout the day. The day is focused on building a complete sales framework for you're company. I have a rule – if you're here, be here. So when you come to one of my events, I need you "here" so you can get the value you deserve for investing your time and money.
The day includes a morning and afternoon break, plus an hour for lunch, so if you absolutely need to do a call or jam through a few emails, we have time baked into the day for you to do that.
3. Can I get a discount on the price?
Nope. I charge $7500 for private half-day workshops and incubator program cohorts. This is a screaming deal for a full-day event. Grab a seat before they run out.
4. Can I bring more than one co-founder? 
Hmmm... Depends. If everyone is going to be here and work, then let's talk about it. It can't be a situation where the team is rotating in and out.
5. Will there be food provided?
We'll have midday complimentary coffee/snacks. Otherwise, bring along your own food and drink.
Atlas Cafe is a couple of blocks away on 3049 20th St (two blocks), and there are a couple of restaurants nearby for lunch, and grab a coffee before we start in the AM. 
6. How do I know it'll be worth my time?
I've spent 15+ years in Silicon Valley, leading three startups each to their first millions in revenue, and for the last five years, I've been consulting  and coaching B2B/enteprise startups to help them Start Up, Ramp Up & Scale Up their sales.
Everything I teach is based on personal experience and how I've helped hundreds of startups across the world. Whatever sales challenges you have, I've almost assuredly seen it before. So, yes, it will be worth your time...
And if you decide after the first hour it's just not for you, no worries. Let me know during the AM break, grab your stuff and we'll refund your ticket.

7. What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
The venue address is: 930 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110
It's San Francisco, so street park at your own risk...There's Uber, UberPool, Lyft and other ride-sharing services.
8. What do I need to bring into the event?
Yourself, a pen and a co-founder. You probably have a or tablet device, and chances are, you won't need them during the day.
9. What's the refund policy?
See the ticket page for this. This event usually sells out, so I want to be sure to have seats available for those that end up on the waitlist.
Seats are transferrable, so you can have someone take your place if needed. Just shoot me an email so I know to update the attendee list for the venue.
10. What if I have more questions?
Ping Scott Sambucci directly:
[email protected] | (415) 596 0804 (call or text)


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