The San Francisco School

300 Gaven Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.239.5065
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City, School
Sun - Sat (7am - 4pm)
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The San Francisco School is like a small town in the big city. The School certainly resembles a quiet village tucked in a corner of a bustling metropolis. Just over the fence from us, folks are rushing hither and yon, the pace of life leaving little time for reflection. On our side, children climb trees and play in the sand.

The San Francisco School educational program is guided by school-wide Learning Expectations. The School seeks to assure that each student:

* Develops an understanding of self in relation to other
* Demonstrates and enjoys a passion for learning
* Knows how to learn and how to direct personal learning
* Can demonstrate a high level of competence in each area of the curriculum
* Thinks creatively and can express self
* Becomes a responsible citizen who participates actively in the community

The educational program provides an increasingly rigorous and challenging intellectual experience within a supportive educational environment. The program is carefully integrated and articulated across the grades, with specific goals and objectives for each subject area.