The Rooted Experience - A Deep Exploration of Your Feminine Power

Event has passed (Sat Mar 3, 2018 - Sat Mar 3, 2018)
The Assembly
10:00 AM
Sports / Fitness
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Join Expansive Voice at The Assembly SF and treat yourself to a day of healing and meaningful connection with our experienced practitioners. Together, we will explore the depths of the feminine energy and learn how to access our sexual energies, our yin and our yang, our darkness and our light. Through meditation, movement, nourishing food, group discussion & activities, you will connect deeply with your feminine energy and discover how to access it in the body and then use this information in your daily life. As a community, we request each woman's full participation and openness to alternative healing and exploration. We look forward to experiencing with you!


“The Creative Feminine” Meditation with Luminary, Kelly

Vibrant Energy Movement Flow with Founder, Nicolette

“The Dark Feminine” - Practices to connect to your Yin with Luminary, Lauren- Black Candle Ceremony - Relationship of Yin & Yang- Eye-gazing & Stillness Connection Circle- Group Reflection & Discussion

Access your Female Sexuality with Lum- Guided Journaling Exercises- Breath to Pelvis Connection Exercises- Sharing Circle and Group Reflection

Macrobiotic Lunch prepared by Expansive Voice Chef, Rachael + experience a mindful & silent meal

Play around with mindful eating, exploring the five sensations, and noticing how the food we enjoy shifts you. We'll get to interact with our food, eating family style - a table full of dishes where each person will build their plate and create each unique bite to enjoy. Where we touch, see, hear, smell, taste the food. We will get to feel the food and its effects on us; feeling an innate sense of harmony while eating in silence.
Welcome Treats
- Coffee & Tea- Fresh Plant Milk- Bone Broth- Vegan Gluten Free Muffins- Fresh Fruit
- Rainbow Buckwheat Salad with homemade chickpea tofu       - Tossed with citrus ginger tahini dressing- Spring salad      - Farmers market fresh greens, radishes, herbs & lemon dressing- Caraway Sauerkraut- Cleansing Turmeric Broth filled with umami
Afternoon Snacks
- Tea- Fresh Fruit- Lunch Leftovers- Spiced black bean dip with Vegan/Gluten Free crackers- Energy Bars- Kombucha- Essential Oil Infused Water- Bare Snacks
          - Lululemon Yoga Mats          - Notebook & Pen          - Macrobiotic Snacks prepared by Rachael          - Macrobiotic Lunch prepared by Rachael          - Essential Oil Infused Water          - Tea & Coffee          - Bone Broth          - Kombucha          - Energy Bars
          - Expansive Voice Canvas Zipper Pouch          - Expansive Voice Notebook          - Tea Light Ceremony Candle from Lauren          - Macrobiotic Dinner Recipe from Rachael          - 5 Song Chakra Energy Flow playlist from Nicolette          - 5 Song Daily Meditation playlist from Kelly          - Steep Tea          - Sage Bundles          - Organic Skin Care 
10 - 10:30a Morning Arrival: welcome snacks & drinks10:30a - 11a Opening Discussion11:15a - 11:45a Feminine Energy Meditation with Kelly12p - 1p Vibrant Energy Movement Flow with Nicolette1:15p - 1:30p Macrobiotic Lunch Education with Rachael  1:30p - 2p Silent Eating Meditation2p - 2:15p Post Meditation Journaling2:15p - 2:45p Relax, Chat, Continue Journaling3p - 4p The Dark Feminine with Lauren OR Female Sexual Energy with Myisha4:15p - 5:15p The Dark Feminine with Lauren OR Female Sexual Energy with Myisha5:30p - 6:30p Sharing Circle & Group Reflection
          - Comfortable clothing for movement & an outer layer for the morning & evening          - Water Bottle          - An open heart & open mind


  1. The Assembly 449 14th Street, San Francisco, CA